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Flag_of_Europe.svgIt is increasingly frustrating to the watch knee-jerk reaction into Leftist Nationalism which plagues so many “Conservatives” and Rightists. Suspicion of the ordered unity necessary for stability appears to be especially pandemic  in “pan-monarchists” among others (a side note but an important one: while monarchy is among the best forms of government, it is not the only legitimate form of government). Yet how is it possible that such a blatantly Leftist ideology as Nationalism could have infiltrated so far?

I believe the answer is that faced with Leftist Nationalism and Leftist Internationalism as personified by the European Union, these conservatives have convinced themselves that Nationalism is not only the least of evils but a positive good. They are mistaken on both counts. The ensuing Balkanization which inevitably results from Nationalism would leave the West open to attack from a unified force such as Islam. This fact combined with the fact that the leaders of the original Pan-Europa movement often held to true Rightist philosophies prompts the question, “What went wrong?”

The European Union could have been an invaluable stage in the restoration of the Holy Roman Empire. Indeed, it almost was. A Europe united would have paved the way for the Heir of the House of Hapsburg to accomplish an effective restoration of the Empire and with it peace. Yet now the reverse is true, the European Union is not a cornerstone, but a hindrance to true peace. The reasons for this are quite simple.

Firstly, the European Union is built on a changeable regime, and ideologies can (and do) shift with every election. Secondly, the European Union acts as a centralizing rather than decentralizing force. The more centralized European government becomes, the harder it becomes to fight leftist policies and secularization when in place. Thirdly, the European Union is founded on the very illegitimate world order conservatives (including certain pan-monarchists) wish to conserve. The forced unity (or in some cases forced separation) of the various States of the Germanies, each of which has its own national identity, under the leadership of Berlin (a city of paling historical significance) into the artificial state of Germany is just one example of this. Fourthly and finally, the disproportionate geopolitical role of the United States, which has spread leftist influence in an attempt to preserve the aforementioned illegitimate world order (while at times genuinely aiding the Rightist cause).

However, as the European Union now depends on each of these four ideas of changeableness, centralization, illegitimacy, and dependence, it lacks the inherent stability to become a lasting political force. Upon it’s fall, it will most likely be absorbed into a more powerful UN, or devolve into a squabbling barbarism of Nationalism.

And what is the solution, if it is not Nationalism or (Leftist) Internationalism? To quote the Austrian and Catholic academic Friedrich Heer,

What could be finer, what more right and proper, than a Holy Empire conceived as a great federative league, based on trust rather than subjection, composed of friends from within and without (at their head the Pope, both as bishop of Rome and king’s friend), the whole under the leadership of the Emperor-king?

Holy Roman Empire Allegory