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vasari coronation charles v bologna detailHistory is full of the political manifestos of Communists, Leftists, and Revolutionists. Each has its own utopia, a perfect society, a “New World Order”. And each has failed, miserably failed.

At first glance, the solution seems simple- simply do away with all pretense of a “World Order”! Nations can find their own way in the world. However, if one takes into account the tremendous bloodshed of the Nationalistic wars of the last century, it is evident that this ideology has miserably failed as well.

No, the true solution is much more radical than revolutionary destruction or stale conservation. It is not a perfect solution, as no perfect solution can exist until the Second Coming of Christ, but it is the right solution. It is a solution that has been tried before when civilization was in decline and it succeeded:
Renovatio Romani Imperii.

The Restoration of the Sacrétemporal World Order of Pontiff, Emperor, and Kings, is the only lasting geopolitical solution. It at once provides the order and liberty, peace and active defense, not only of a particular nation or country, but of civilization itself- civilization in its highest form. With joyous end of the present Dark Age, the New Sacred Ages brought about by the Coronation of the Restored Emperor would be an unrivaled period of stability in a world that has already seen too much of war.

Unfortunately to bring about such times it is necessary to fight for them. Whether we shall succeed or fail in such a seemingly hopeless quest only God now knows, but victorious or not, we will always have before us a vision which our enemies cannot comprehend. Like the Heavenly New Jerusalem we shall bear in our minds the vision of the New Rome of the Holy Emperors, when we bear the standard of the Sable Eagle into battle.