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A friend of mine suggested that I write a post on the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, so here I go:

As the oldest of a large family, I used to identify with a scene from the 1950’s movie Cheaper by the Dozen in which the mother of the Gilbreth family (a family of 12) is approached by a representative of Planned Parenthood. The distraught enthusiast of Population Control marches away amidst the laughter of the family. But I’m not laughing with them anymore.

If the recently released videos of Planned Parenthood haven’t made it clear what is going on, I don’t know what will. That is YOUR brother who was just brutally murdered while he was completely helpless, that is YOUR sister whose body was just ripped to shreds and sold like a piece canned meat.

Modern historians tell us that witches were burned in the Holy Roman Empire. Maybe they were. I’m not for burning anyone, but step beyond your modern limitations and actually look at what it meant to a Catholic Man in a good Catholic Culture and a strong Catholic Civilization if witches were only the progressive women practicing abortion and birth control that the Modern historians make them out to be. Can you understand the horror at such a direct assault on the Sacredness of Motherhood and the very life of the Child? This same horror burnt Carthage to ground till not even ashes remained, this same horror destroyed the idols of Moloch.

It is easier to worship Moloch than to sacrifice yourself for others, it is easier to live a life without children, it is easier to pretend it’s just a clump of cells.  It is certainly easier to stand with the herd and embrace barbarism. But that is a child who is murdered and sold, he was somebody’s son, she was somebody’s daughter. When the truth is put in such plain terms we cannot hide from it.

Maybe in today’s world it’s a hopeless fight to turn the world from such a path of destruction, but nevertheless it must be fought. If we go to our judgment with the knowledge that we have saved one boy or one girl from a horrible murder, then we can go knowing that we have fought well. I fight to restore the Holy Empire so that one day no mother will be complicit in the murder of her child, so that fathers can sleep at night knowing that millions of children are not being sacrificed every day to mere profit.

Yes, that is why children are killed and women are subjected to poisonous chemicals, not for women’s health, not to appease the gods, but for cold hard cash.

Many of us knew from the beginning the horror of Planned Parenthood, before any videos were released. I pray to God that these videos open the eyes of many more. But this is already old news. It apparently much more important to mourn the death of some random lion in Africa whose body is already decayed than it is to mourn the deaths of millions of innocent children with immortal souls.