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The Modern World

Most people these days are rightly concerned about the situation in their country. We’ve reached a point in history with an unprecedented amount of murder and mob rule, and quite frankly most countries are collapsing in on themselves. Catholics of every nation should and must fight to prevent the destruction of their country. However, we who are fighting to restore the Empire and protect the Church must never allow national considerations to cloud our ability to understand what’s happening to the World as a whole.

The Modern world can be simplified into three distinct power blocs, The West, The Communist Bloc, and The Islamic Bloc, all of which are only loosely held together.

The West can be divided further into:

  1. The “Neo-West” comprised of mostly liberal, secular, and nationalistic governments weakly held together by the common Catholic and European (“Western”) heritage.
  2. The Protestant West comprised of Neo-Western countries with a large Protestant population and the semblance of a Protestant legacy.
  3. The Catholic West comprised of the remaining countries with a strong Catholic population and at least the semblance of Catholic government.

Threatening The West is the Islamic Bloc. Though as of now the Muslim Nations are divided, they share a common Culture and Civilization comparable to the Civilization now dying in The West.

Of extreme importance are the Regions between The West and The Islamic Bloc that were destabilized at the end of the Great War (First World War). These Regions, which include all of Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, destabilized by the Fall of the Austro-Hungarian, Russian, and Ottoman Empires, are plagued by arm conflict and Political and Economic Instability which could easily succumbed to a military attack of Islam, threatening the entire West.

Just east of the Islamic Bloc, The Communist Bloc comprised of China, North Korea, and Vietnam holds it sway. This last holdout of the Soviet experiment survives because of the support it receives from the Neo-West, even though it is a continuing threat to the West.

The loose collection of the nations of the East” (South and North Asia) does not now exercise much influence over world affairs, nor do the impoverished nations of Sub-Saharan African, which are mostly under the Control of the Neo-West, as are the mostly Catholic and unstable countries of Central and South America.

If only one Catholic superpower remained, such as Austria-Hungary, much of the World Situation would be different. As it is, we in the West have only mostly secularized states to really, and to tell the truth, the global policing of the UN and the US has failed. Theoretically that kind of global work would be the job of the Holy Roman Empire in Christendom, but Christendom has fallen, and right now we must fight to preserve even the little we have left.

A final warning: Fight to preserve your Civilization and your country, but never lose sight of the larger picture of the World.