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The highest end of a good Culture is a good Civilization. The end of an evil Culture is the destruction of Civilization. Now in order to understand this, it necessary to define both Culture and Civilization. To put it simply, Culture is the traditions, customs, and way of life and art rooted in religion that a people hold in common, while Civilization is the moral standard rooted in Culture by which we as individuals interact with others and make moral choices.

Now barbarians can and often have had Culture, which is not product but rather a cause of Civilization. The “Culture of Death” is as much a Culture as any authentic Catholic culture. The barbarians of today often tell us that we need to accept diversity and cultures. Yet they denounce Catholic Western Civilization. Why? Because Civilization is too hard for them, it requires them to make choices and change the way they live.

Their goal is to destroy Western Civilization, but the real danger is that if they succeed, something else will fill the void that they create. Islam is not a culture. Islam is a civilization that will replace the West if the barbarians win.  And we must not let that happen.