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Going through my copy of Cardinal Seldon’s important and monumental work, Imperial History, I came across two very interesting full color illustrations. Both are texts in the form of stylized Sacretemporal (Medieval) Manuscripts, and both inscriptions are in Old High German. The inclusion of these illustrations in color suggests that the book was very expensive to print, though no records of the productions costs of this book can be found.

The first is the Sacretemporal (medieval) text of the Prophecy of Six Crowns (my translation of which can be found here), compiled from various chronicles into a single text. The text is found in the chapter entitled The Rise of the House of Austria, and underneath the text is a pseudo-heraldic symbol representing the Prophecy:

Imperial history colorplate2

The second illustration contains the original Old German text of the enigmatic poem, Wolves with the hair of Ermine, which is (like the other text) followed by a series of pseudo-heraldic symbols, representing the first ,second, and fifth verses of poem, which is found in the chapter entitled The Fall of Rome:

The translation on the facing page reads:

Wolves with the hair of Ermine
Crows that are crowned as Kings
Though these things be many as vermin
ONE shall outlast these things

In the mountains an EAGLE shall rise
The Flag of the Desert shall burn
Renewed forever shall be old allies
And the KNIGHT TWICE CROWNED shall return

Surprisingly, no translation is given for the third stanza, which I can only assume is the lost stanza beginning  A Sword shall be his token, in which case it is extremely interesting that no translation is given, as no complete version of the stanza is known to exist. It is also noteworthy that these verses are referenced as being attributed to a certain Blessed Heinrich Arnhold von Heiligwaldenstein, though no other records or mentions of this personage can be found.