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Alas my life has gotten so busy lately, I’ve neglected to post new content here, however, I will publish a new post for Bl. Karl’s feast day on October 21st. Hopefully even though I will be publishing less frequently, I will be able to post longer articles of better quality than before. Look out for an upcoming post on the fundamental principles of being a Restorationist, one on the meaning of legitimism, and more updates on the changes to the world of Tower of Ivory in the new revision. Unfortunately as I learn more about writing, the more I realize how much I have to improve. The good news is that though it will take much longer, the final drafts of The War for Christendom series will be much more well-written than my original work. Also I’ll be writing much more about story-telling and meaning of symbols, of Christendom, history, and political thought in more general terms. I may even start a second website for more creative writing and explorations, if there’s any interest. In the meantime, here’s the first paragraph from the new revision:

The waves crashed forlornly against the shore of a bare rocky isle in the North Atlantic. Or rather against what should have been a bare isle, if the fate of the world had been different, thought a young lad of fifteen as he gazed out across the sea. For as he rounded the eastern headland he saw first the shore, then the dock beyond guarded by soldiers in dark blue overcoats and steel helmets. Then suddenly rising in the sky a lofty white tower appeared, gleaming in the dying light.

So begins the chapter one…