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The 12th of November, 1918, was a Revolution, a breach of law, a breach of faith, against the Emperor as Emperor, and especially against him as the Sovereign of his countries [Landesfürsten]  and at the same time a revolution against the Crownlands and the authorities of the Crownlands.

The act of November 12th, 1918 can not be objectively judged any differently. It lacks any derivative or original legitimacy. It established usurpatory powers. They have established for themselves a legal state, to be respected as a legal power, but have not eliminated the moral right of the repressed legitimate authority to return, as well as the moral duty of all those today in power to return to the legitimate order as far as is possible; here again, even during such times when the Restoration is impossible, emphasis must be placed on obligation of loyalty.

-Dr. Hans Karl von Zeßner-Spitzenberg, Legitimität und Legalität

Austriae est imperare orbi universo