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Sing and be glad, all ye children of the West
for your King shall come again,
and He shall dwell among you,
all the days of your life.

And the Tree that was withered shall be renewed,
and He shall plant it in the high places,
and the City shall be blessed.

The Return of the King

In the Darkest hour, when all that is Good and Holy seems lost, there rises like a small flame, the Light of Hope. Soon the tide of Darkness turns back, the glory of the Light spreading like the golden Dawn from end to end of the sky. The shadow of death fades away, powerless against Hope.

All of our Hope has its supernatural foundation in the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Every sorrow and travail of history since the Fall of Man had led up to that instant, and all the Greatness and Holiness in history have flown from it. The sun that was darkened and the moon that was stained red now rise, more splendorous and brilliant than before. At the very moment when the funeral pall of the death of God hung over the world and all despaired, there sounded high and clear, like the first echoes of the trumpets of the Day of Judgment, the voice of the Angel calling out, “Why Seek Ye the Living Among Dead?”

With this sudden and most joyous turn of events the entire order of world is now reversed, or rather Restored. The Cross, the dead wood and the withered instrument of Death, is now the Saving Tree of Life, and it has been ever planted in the high places where Catholic Civilization takes root. The Crown of Thorns, the symbol of derision, is now the flowering Crown of Light, the symbol of all Just and Good Authority. The strong and those in power now freely offer themselves in service to the weak. The Black Gates of Death, full of horror and dread, are now cast down and death is not an end but only an interval before the Resurrection.

It might seem that now in our own days, the Evil arisen in this world is so strong, the darkness so expansive that it cannot be overcome. Christendom is dead, its temporal body is sundered from its supernatural spirit. Hopeless, it seems, yet if we are truly Catholics, if we truly profess the ancient and Apostolic Faith, we cannot be without Hope. Good will triumph, even if we who fight for it never live to see it. Like her Eternal King, Christendom shall rise again , more resplendent and universal than before, and the promised Emperors, sacrificially exiled, shall return, foreshadowing the great and final Hour of the Coming of the Son of Man.

However, for we who stand guard over the Good and the Holy, the night has not yet ended. For us the sun is still darkened and the heavens veiled in dread. In this darkest hour we the Men of the West must look Eastward toward the Morning Star, the Bearer of Light to the World, Holy Mary Ever Virgin, and implore Her intercession that Her Son grant us the virtue of Hope, to watch and fight always Faithful until the coming of the Dawn.

Easter Prayer for the Holy Roman Emperor:
Regard also our most devout Emperor and since Thou knowest, O God, the desires of his heart, grant by the ineffable grace of Thy goodness and mercy, that he may enjoy with all his people the tranquillity of perpetual peace and heavenly victory.”


☩          CHRISTVS REX        ☩