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Besides my work as the Head of the English Speaking Branch of the HRM and my work on The War for Christendom book series, I have also written a few works of science fiction (sci-fi), specifically the (as-of-yet) unfinished St. Damian’s Chronicles: Tales of Catholicism Amongst the Stars. The St. Damian’s Chronicles are a sort of Asimov’s Foundation about Catholics on different colony planets struggling to survive and spread the Faith.

(This Paragraph is for those of you who have no idea what Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series is.) The basic premise of the Foundation is that a Statistical Wizard named Hari Seldon predicts the fall of a Galactic Empire (unlike Star Wars this is good empire) and sets up a group of scientists who use religion and money to gain control of surrounding barbarians in order to create a second Galactic Empire. They botch the job and Psychologists/Psychiatrists rush in to save the day. (Enough summarizing, back to the main post.)

The St. Damian’s Chronicles‘ analog to Foundation would be incomplete without a corresponding Empire and Starfleet, so without further fanfare, I present:

The K.U.K. Space Fleet

KUK Space Fleet+

That’s right, the Holy Empire is back- and it’s got a Star Fleet. The Officers of the K.u.K.W.F. (Kaiserlich und Königlich Weltraum Flotte/Imperial and Royal Space Fleet) take pride in their smart blue uniforms and golden insignia, while their motto and rallying cry, Sub Umbra Aquilæ, strikes fear into the heart of any pirate, smuggler, or rebel who dares to threaten Justice and Peace.

When atheist vocal minority groups set up militant Secular Republics on some of Colony Worlds, throwing them into chaos, the K.U.K. Fleet Cruisers are dispatched from the Sol System, and while every officer from the High Admiral to the lowest ranking cadet fights bravely, treachery is a very real danger.

If you would like me to do another Sci-Fi Saturday Post on the Imperial Space Fleet, just let me know in the comment section below. In the meantime you can check out my Ten Guidelines for Catholic Speculative Science Fiction, and I will leave you with the Star Travelers blessing:

Benedicite stellæviator
Dei Matrem dírige eum
Ut in portum pervenit ad