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You know that I am born of the most Christian Emperors of the noble German nation, of the Catholic Kings of Spain, the Archdukes of Austria, the Dukes of Burgundy, who were all to the death true sons of the Roman Church, defenders of the Catholic Faith, of the sacred decrees and customs of its worship, who bequeathed all this to me as my heritage and according to whose example I have hitherto lived. Thus I am determined to hold fast…

For it is certain that a single monk must err if he stands against the opinion of all Christendom. Otherwise, Christendom itself would have erred for more than a thousand years. Therefore I am determined to set my kingdoms and dominions, my friends, my body, my blood, my life- my soul upon it.

 “More than any pope, more than any saint, [Charles V] saved Christendom-” The Man Who Saved Christendom, Dr. Warren Carroll (available here)