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Map of the World Before T of IIn the first book of The War for Christendom, Tower of Ivory, the political situation is much different than it is today. Displayed on the map above are the main geopolitical forces, which are listed below:

UN Flag1The United Nations– A multinational totalitarian government encompassing much of the Western world, seeking to eliminate nation-states.  Founded on Atheism  and Post-Modernistic philosophy, it was created by the Act of Dissolution, which dissolved the 1945 United Nations Assembly and created the UN government in its place. Supposedly a “democratic” institution, it is actually almost exclusively control by the President of the Security Council, Gen. Tervagan Eisengrimm and is dedicated to exterminating all who disagree with its policies. It is allied with the Golden Caliphate and the Gòngchǎn Sphere.

800px-Flag_of_Golden_Caliphate.svgThe Golden Caliphate– The final development of a coalition of Islamic Jihadist groups ruled by Caliph Mahmoud I Abdul Ghalib. It is centered in Mecca, and is perhaps the largest Islamic empire since the first conquests. Christians and Jews, are not the only ones who find themselves oppressed and persecuted, Shiites, Sufis, the Dervish Republics, and even some Sunnis also fall under the shadow of the Caliph’s wrath. Allied with the UN in order to maintain the balance of power.

Proposed_PRC_national_flags_005The Gòngchǎn Sphere– The last flare of the dying Communist system, struggling to maintain itself in East Asia under the constant threat of internal disorder and revolution.

Flag of Central American CommonwealthThe Central American Commonwealth– A group of American Republics at war with the UN, lead by Juan-José del Fuego, President of Nicaragua. Though well-armed and skilled at guerrilla warfare, their armies lack the training and numbers to fight the UN and are losing ground daily.

Die Kaiserjäger (Imperial Rangers)– A mysterious group which fights injustice and protects Catholics throughout the world, with its command base at Mont Saint-Michel, recently bought from the French puppet government by a enigmatic Austrian whose true name is unrevealed…