A few days ago it was discovered that Archduke Karl von Habsburg-Lorraine, heir of the Holy Roman Empire, had contracted the COVID-19 virus or as it is commonly called coronavirus. I would like to ask for prayers on his behalf and for his family, and would especially encourage tradition and restoration supporting Catholics to renew this Good Friday and Holy Saturday the traditional liturgical prayers for the Emperor, saying them faithfully as private devotions. I would also like to encourage all to invoke the traditional defense against epidemic diseases,  The Cross of Saint Zacharias of Jerusalem, available in both Latin and English on the Tradistae website.

Regard also our most devout Emperor, and since Thou knowest, O God, the desires of his heart, grant by the ineffable grace of Thy goodness and mercy, that he may enjoy with all his people the tranquillity of perpetual peace and heavenly victory.

Exultet Prayer for the Emperor