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Being a son of the nation, being the supporter of liberty, and being subject to Austria, I am faithfully committed to the constitutional Emperor of the Empire and its Kings, and I long for a great, free Austria. The [Revolutionary] Hungarian Government, as it is evident, would not like to agree on this; they insist on their separatist moves, which means they struggle to dismantle our Empire. It is the command of our duty and honour to go till the ultimate and to call for arms against them. And we, not sparing our wealth, blood and life, will stand for our rightful demands and sacred deeds.

-Josip Jelačić, Ban of the Kingdom of Croatia, Count von Bužim, Knight of the Military Order of Maria Theresa

Bože živi, Bože štiti Cara našeg i naš dom.
Vječnom Ti ih slavom kiti, Snagom Ti ih jačaj svom.
Ti nam sretne dane množi, Habsburškoj ih kući daj,
S njenom snagom zauvijek složi
Hrvatske nam krune sjaj