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In the world you shall have distress: but have confidence, I have conquered the world.
-St. John 16:33

Amidst the lawless of the Great Interregnum, God’s Providence raised up a lowly Count to receive the Crown of his forefathers and bring about the Restoration of the Heart of Christendom. From this seemingly simple act of devotion to the Holy Eucharist, those who were to be the greatest defenders of Christendom, arose to spread its glory across the world. And it is in this that the Glory of Christendom chiefly consists, that it reflects in this fallen world God’s universal Good, that it is the highest and greatest Common Good that our still-fallen nature can obtain, an imperfect vision of Universal Peace, Justice, Charity, Mercy, Right Reason and Virtue.

And yet because our world is fallen, that universal Civilization can never wholly achieve its end while the world lasts. Even when “this faith [has] enlightened with divine knowledge all peoples, races and nations, no matter how barbarous and savage, or how different in character, morals, laws and ways of life¹“, still ” that war is never ended which defends the sanity of the world against all the stark anarchies and rending negations which rage against it for ever.²”  How then can we hope for the victory of a peace of all peoples, a true peace, undisturbed by nationalist contentions, with true unity and true diversity?

The Truth is, the battle has already been won, our victory achieved upon the Cross. The decisive victory of the War between Truth and lies, Conversion and Conquest, Light and Darkness, which we still fight today, occurred when Life conquered Death by dying and rising gloriously from the grave. Though fallen in a fallen world, we must ever strive toward the Good, our only alternative against the death which rages against us, and the sign of the Cross which is our standard is the sign of the ultimate victory of Good.

Though the fight for Christendom in a fallen world is imperfect, it does not cease to be Good. Christendom’s glory is not diminished by its fallen members, because it mirrors the Glory of God, taking into itself all created in God’s Image if only they will say yes to the way of Civilization, the path of virtue. The Highest Goods, Nations cannot achieve on their own, but rightly ordered all Realms and Peoples will flourish, and the tides of darkness which would overwhelm them are held back.

In these days the World has rejected Christendom, the World looks to power, conquest, ease of life. And yet the strength of Christendom lies not in conquest but in Conversion, in spreading the Salvation achieved by our Lord. By freeing those slaves of the Enemy who are willing to be freed, Christendom will once more turn the tide of battle against the ancient deceiver. This is what he fears most, and ever he tries to sow hate and dissention amidst the ranks of the host of Christendom, attempting to cast down Pope and Emperor alike, and make us hateful of our enslaved brothers. Yet he will find that some soldiers are ever-loyal even in these times of doubt, and that we know the Truth, our Captain is Victorious, and Christendom will be restored, evil held back, if we and our successors are faithful and heralds of conversion, though it be in years or centuries.