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Pontiff, You are the vicar of Christ on earth,
a rock amidst the waves,
You are a beacon in the darkness;
You are the defender of peace,
You are the guardian of unity,
watchful defender of liberty;
in You is the authority.

These words of the Pontifical Anthem are as true today as the day on which they were written. The fact is that we cannot separate the Catholic Church and the Papal office, and all those who try will find that they have only separated themselves from the Church. We can no longer allow the falsehoods and misquotations of the Enemy to blind us into believing that we can simply reject Christ’s chosen Vicar, without at the same time ultimately rejecting Christ.

Further, we not only have a solemn duty to seek the Truth, but to defend it against those misguided into attacking our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Not through any merit of his own but by virtue of his office, he is the authority over us, our last remaining principle of unity. And if there is any time in the history of the world in which we are more in need of supporting and defending the Pope, it is now.

But” you say, “Bergoglio is no pope! He teaches heresy!” Which is clearly not true to anyone who has read his writings in full, and not twisted by Leftists or self-proclaimed “Traditionalists,” who no nothing of Tradition, who have probably never read the teachings of countless popes, who never took the time to inform themselves of Catholic Teaching. “But” others object “his writings are too ambiguous! They could be interpreted as heresy!” This is also false. By virtue of his office, every authoritative (magisterial) statement issued by the Pope can only have one meaning, that meaning which is consistent with the Tradition of the Church, regardless of how seemingly ambiguous the words themselves are.

I cannot stress enough the urgency of our loyalty the Holy Father, and the necessity of our prayers for him. Pope Francis though holier than most has the same fallen nature as the rest of us, yet through God’s grace he was chosen to lead us, and we must trust in this Grace if we continue to call ourselves Catholic. I remind all who read this post of their duty to the Truth: If we remain loyal to the Holy Father, and to our Holy Mother the Church, Hell will not prevail.

Pontiff, you are the unshakable rock, and on this rock was built the Church of God.



“To the death True Sons of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and of the One Holy Catholic and Roman Empire, and so we shall remain, though the very hosts of Hell should assail us.”