An important post by my friend The Imperial Traditionalist, about the much forgotten Italianization of South Tyrol.

The Imperial Traditionalist


Although there were indeed a great many genocides in the twentieth century, most focus is given to the Holocaust, with a somewhat lesser focus given to the Rwandan Genocide, The Armenian Genocide, and occasionally the Holodomor in Ukraine. One of the many forgotten genocides is the genocide which occurred in the South Tyrol.

The origins of this tragedy lie in the irredentist aspirations of the Kingdom of Italy, a Kingdom which had come into being only through the viciously aggressive policies of the Savoy Kings of Piedmont-Sardinia, running roughshod over dozens of other kingdoms in their self-centered dreams of a single Italy, which is a foolish a notion as that of a single Germany. The Savoys had enamored themselves of the notion that all land up to the Brenner Pass, along with the Austrian Crown Lands of Istria and Littoral were Italian, and were willing to do nearly anything to…

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