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In rejecting the internationalism of Socialists and Communists they [reactionaries] accept the identitarian nationalism of the left.

“Internationalism” -conservatives must remember-is leftish only if it wants to establish an identitarian global brew, an odious uniformity encompassing the whole world. In this sense internationalism is only a global nationalism.- Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Leftism

One often hears of the “Far Right”, Fascism, Nazism, White Supremacy, and all that  sordid lot. Any sufficient research into the histories and philosophies disproves this label- in fact, it proves the opposite. The so called “Far Right” is really the logical outcome of Leftist Ideologies, and the war against Civilization. The danger of their Identitarian philosophies is that the individual with a God given purpose is cast aside and destroyed to further the purpose of the State.

There is another danger to Identitarianism, which is the result of a malformed identity. The problem is its almost magnetic draw to those who not well grounded in their God given identity. Many give in to the herd mentality for the sake of a feeling of safety, others for a misshapen form of identity.

The true Catholic and Restorationist ideal is neither Individualism (which is Rousseauian) nor Collectivism (which is Leftist) but Vocation, the unique destiny intended for the Person by God, by which he forms part of the Common Good. Thus the individual is neither isolated as his actions form part of a community, nor is his unique and intransferable destiny subject to the overwhelming coercion of a misguided state. This is the true “Rightist” and Catholic view of Man’s place in society, so little known in these Modern “Dark Ages”.

Diversity has become a byword of the Leftist movements, however in reality, they fervently reject it. To the Leftist, all nations must become “democracies”, all religions accept that there is no such thing as sin, everyone conform to the “progressive” culture. No, the respect for the diversity of persons, each individual and yet each in the Image of God, this is Catholic. Unity in diversity is Catholic, for as there are many cultures in Christendom, but one Civilization, so there are many persons but one Church.

It is important to remember that rejection of a Supranational Authority and an International Order is no less Leftist than the Communist or Identitarian “One World State”. Once again the Catholic and ‘Rightist” ideal is neither Nationalist nor Internationalist, but the Natural Hierarchy of subsidiarity. Nations also have their God given purpose and their place in the Divine plan, yet it is natural also for them to be guided towards the Common Good of mankind.