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Allegory of the Painting: The Common Man has been despoiled of the Authority and Protection of the Holy Crown, and now must bow to the self-serving Mob who stole it.

As I said in my last post (The Death of Civilization Part I), Civilization is a moral choice, a constant struggle. Part of that choice is to accept God-given Authority, for God is the Author of Authority. To preserve any good, we cannot reject the Authority of God’s Vicar, or the Authority of Church to confer Authority, or even the Authority of the State to Govern us, for all of these have their ultimate source in God.

Our Civilization is dying and among the symptoms of its fatality is the rejection of Authority, yet if we hold fast in submission to authority and to the ultimate Authority, Christ our King, our Civilization will not die.

Part II The Revolt Against Authority


In an earlier post(The Empire and Nationalism), I discussed the rise of Nationalism, and the first revolt in Christendom against the idea of the Holy Empire. Now centuries later, the very authority of any state to protect itself and its citizens is being rejected, consciously and unconsciously, on such a large scale that it can safely be said not to have occurred before in Human history.

This can easily be traced back to the so-called “Enlightenment’s” principle of rejecting a Universal Authority. Once the natural system of a hierarchical order was rejected, it became easy to reject a System ordered towards the International Good, to reject the Empire, the very keystone of the Nations’ authority. And once the keystone was rejected, then their own authority collapsed from its very Foundation, the Holy Catholic Church.

Now in another earlier post (Vivat Pontifex et Imperator), I made a statement to the effect (though not to the exact words) that if we remain followers of the Authority of Our Holy Father the Pope and Our Holy Mother the Church, we still could hope to fight the tide of the rejection of Authority. Yet it is exactly the Catholics of good intentions who hope to fight for Restoration, and indeed all good things, who make that very mistake.

To them I can only say, “Look about you!” Governments on every side crumbling to the power of the mob, handing over their own servants who are supposed to protect the very citizens who rally against them. Have the People really fallen that low, to side with the criminal against the Law? Has the Law (by rejecting the Higher Natural and Moral Laws) really fallen so low, that one is right to side with the Criminal? That is what will happen to you who reject the Pope, just as it has happened to those who rejected first the Authority that was the keystone of their power.

For those that abuse power reject the Authority that limits their power, and end in their own corruption and lose the life of their soul. And likewise those that reject the authority of the Holy Father and the valid Church Councils, end in corruption and cannot hope to affect any restoration. For the Author of all Just and Right Authority is God.