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The old fairy tale makes the hero a normal human boy; it is his adventures that are startling; they startle him because he is normal.– G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

John Lorran is a fifteen year old boy an inch or so taller than average height, with a slight (but not prominent) elongation of nose and chin, brown hair, and intelligent brown eyes, born in Innsbruck, Tyrol on the fifth of April. Well trained with firearms, he is also an expert swordsman, and excels at horseback-riding. A cautious lad, but a natural leader (though often abstracted in thought), his past is as secret as his real name, which is Sorry (no that’s not his name), but you have to buy the book to find  out what his name really is. Do you think I would put spoilers like this on the web?!*.

(*If you really have to know, highlight the blank space in front of the asterisk [but I warn you you’ll regret it])