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K.u.K. HRM Official Order No. 7

Members of the K.u.K. HRM:

  • Some time ago a system of documentation was development for the members of the Hapsburg Restoration Movement. As this was still in the process of being developed, it was only issued to those members who specifically applied for it. However, that development is now complete.
  • Therefore, I would ask that all members of the K.u.K. HRM who have not already received such official documentation, and all those who are considering joining the Movement to immediately apply for the official documentation using the contact form below. No fee or other monetary exchange is required, and all personal information will be kept with the strictest confidentiality.

  • While the primary use of this system of documentation is to allow the members of the Movement to identify and assist one another, there are a multitude of secondary uses as well. For instance it will be indispensable for the issuing of official materials directly to the members.
  • Finally I would ask that all those who apply for the official membership documentation through the new application to inform those whom in whom they see likely candidates of the Movement of The War for Christendom website, and the new application process. Every new member is a vital part of our strength.

-Ritter von Donau, Knight Commander HRM

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