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apostolic_hungary__30891karl_i_horseback_coronationOn this day, the thirtieth of December in the year of Our Lord 1916, one hundred years ago, a day which in this year is celebrated as the Feast of the Holy Family, Emperor Karl of Austria was crowned Apostolic King of Hungary. He was crowned with the crown which Holy Roman Emperor Otto III had brought to Saint Stephan of Hungary as a gift from Pope Sylvester II, a joint act of Pope and Emperor raising the Princedom of the Magyars to a true Country and Kingdom. This glimmer of hope in the midst of raging war was quickly obscured by the clouds of darkness and horror which descended upon the twentieth century. Yet it was not wholly lost, for descendants of that great King-Emperor are still alive, to await the day that the Good which decays shall be restored.

We, the Knights and members of the Hapsburg Restoration Movement, appeal now to all the races of the Kingdom of Hungary, be they Magyar, Vlach, Szeklers, Transylvanian Saxons, Slovaks, Croats, Serbs, Turks, Cumans, Szerecsen, or of any other nation. We enjoin you to aid the swift return to the throne of his Apostolic Majesty Károly V, that the suffering of Hungary might end. Has not the suffering brought by the denunciation of Legitimacy hindered the Common Good of your Country for long enough? Has not this suffering shown you the consequences of denying the laws set in place to protect the succession of the Kingdom from vile men?

In the past one hundred years, many events have happened, many tragedies have happened. The destruction of the last remnants of the Holy Empire of Christendom, the perverse estrangement of peoples, the destructive communist regimes and their destructive falls, the rise of “illiberal democracy” which simply is a euphemistic title for slavery, and the ghastly return of populistic Nationalism. And now the current crisis facing not only the Kingdom of Hungary, not only Europe, but in fact the majority of the Civilized world, in which among even many of those dedicated to the Cross hatred has taken the place of Charity.

royalstandardhungaryAnd you of all peoples, the valiant Magyars, who came in the reign of Emperor Otto the Great from the depths of Asia, to become the very Shield of Christendom, have you forgotten that you once had a King-Emperor who ruled justly over Christian and Muslim alike, directing all to their ultimate Good and the Catholic Truth? Have you forgotten that it was your own first King who set forth for the ages the proper conduct towards foreign peoples? “God, who made the world, and all things therein; he, being Lord of heaven and earth… hath made of one, all mankind, to dwell upon the whole face of the earth, determining appointed times, and the limits of their habitation…” (Acts 17: 24,26)  and it is He who arranges the destiny of countries and nations according to His providence. As He brought the wild tribes of the Magyars from Asia to become the second of Seven Holy Crowns, so would you now stand athwart his plans for the conversion of the desert tribes?

Some might ask when will the Restoration of the Good come? When will we see the return of the Holy Empire which is foundation of all the Kingdoms and Republics of Christendom? When will the chains of Islam be loosed, and its slaves made into free Christian men? To this I answer, we must have faith in God’s providence, for it will be in His time that these things come to pass, but we must not neglect our part nor cause by such neglect or malice the delay in the fulfillment of His purpose. By appealing to you today, I fulfill my solemn duty, one of many to which I am freely bound, though it were another three hundred or three thousand years before that for which I labor comes to pass. Till my end I will have faith that the Holy Crown will not remain in the hands of those who like the forsworn traitor Horthy seek for their own power, but will return to him whom by right of law is bound to its duties.

-Ritter von Donau

Tartsa Isten, óvja Isten
Királyunk s a közhazát!
Erőt lelve a szent hitben
Ossza bölcs parancsszavát!
Hadd védnünk ős koronáját
Bárhonnét fenyítse vész!
Magyar honnal Habsburg trónját
Egyesíté égi kéz