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Wappen_Kaisertum_Österreich_1867_(Mittel)K.u.K HRM Official Order No. 5

Members of the K.u.K. HRM:

  • It has ever been the custom of the enemies of the Catholic Church to misrepresent and falsify the doctrines and positions of her Magisterium, to create fertile lies of filth and muck for the growing of division among the Body of Christ, and to separate the flock of the Faithful from their Vicar. Now especially in this Pontificate of our Holy Father Francis these activities have renewed with greater strength.

  • I would therefore remind the knights and members of Hapsburg Restoration Movement of their solemn duty “to uphold and defend the Roman Pontiff and the Bishops in union with him,” a duty to which we are bound by the Constitution of the Movement. I hereby order the knights and members of the Movement to refrain from public criticism of a reigning Roman Pontiff, and to ever seek the Truth as indeed their duty commands. In this time of crisis, is does nothing but injure the soul to engage in conciliarist fantasies about how many cardinals might depose a Pontiff for supposition of heresies which our Holy Father Francis has never taught (nor ever at any time even remotely hinted at).
  • Furthermore, I would caution the members of the Movement from frequenting publications (electronic or printed) which spread mistranslation and falsehood, purposefully or indirectly, which may constitute an occasion of sin. Doubts as to the state of the Pontificate may be expressed privately without censure to myself, the Knight Commander of the Movement. I will do my best to reassure those beset by temptation, but our ultimate reassurance is from Our Lord Jesus Christ, as recorded by the Holy Evangelist Saint Matthew;

And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it

  • In the reign of falsehood Truth is obscured to such an extant that many of the faithful are lost to falsehood, yet in the Coming of Christ all Truth shall be revealed, and if we by God’s grace persevere in the Truth He may through us bring others to that Truth.

-Ritter von Donau, Knight Commander HRM

Austriae est imperare orbi universo