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K.u.K. HRM Official Order No. 3

Members of K.u.K HRM:

  • Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Imperial and Royal Officer Karl Burian, Exemplar of the Hapsburg Restoration Movement, and leader of the Legitimist Resistance against the National Socialist invasion of Austria.
  •  The youngest officer in the Imperial and Royal Army, he served as a lieutenant in the Imperial 8th Dragoons on the Russian Front during the Great War, and was captured by the enemy in 1916. He escaped from Odessa in 1917 to fight until the end of the war, after which he studied philosophy and founded the academic Legitimist Corps der Ottonen. He was arrested in Vienna during the Restoration attempt of Emperor Karl in 1921, and sentenced to death in absentia in Bohemia.


  • During the invasion of Austria in 1938, he reorganized the Corps der Ottonen into a resistance group. He had been recommissioned as a lieutenant during the Chancellorship of Dollfuss, and despite adamantly refusing to take an oath of loyalty to Hitler, was transferred to the German Wehrmacht and promoted to Captain. He used his position to reorganize the Legitimist Resistance into the Zentralkomitee der monarchistischen Bewegungen (Central Committee of Monarchist Movements), contact the Imperial family in exile (including His Imperial and Royal Majesty Otto of Austria, who commissioned Burian to lead the Resistance), and to provide information to the Polish Government regarding German invasion plans. On the tenth of October 1938 he was betrayed and arrested, and after being detained in prison for five years, was beheaded on the thirteenth of March 1944 on the charge of “High Treason”. To his last breath he remained loyal to Kaiser und Reich*.
  • In light of his loyalty, valour, and heroism, the decision has been reached by the Knights’ Council of the K.u.K. HRM to award posthumously the title of Honorary Knight Commander of the Hapsburg Restoration Movement to Captain Karl Burian of the K.u.K. Landstreitkräfte.

-Ritter von Donau, Knight Commander HRM

*Kaiser und Reich is the motto of the Corps der Ottonen

Austriae est imperare orbi universo