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New Dynasties or Not: Can the Hapsburgs be Replaced?


If you can’t win a battle on horseback, jump down and continue on foot– Otto Von Hapsburg

A well meaning Catholic once suggested to me that new dynasties could take up the place of the old, and that people should stop writing and start doing something. Responding quickly to the latter, people who are writing are doing something and I will kindly direct him to the political party aimed at Hapsburg Restoration, The Black-Yellow Alliance, for political action.

So what about new dynasties? First, let us consider who can reconstitute the Electorate and the Holy Roman Empire:

  1. The Emperor: though elected by the Prince-Electors, the candidate to the Imperium required descent or blood relation to a previous Emperor and noble birth. Status: Unable to reconstitute the Empire as the office is vacant and requires election.
  2. The Electorate: The Prince-Electors of the Holy Roman Empire had right to elect the Holy Roman Emperor, fulfilled the duties of the Imperial Household (Arch-Steward, etc.), and were subject to reorganization by the Emperor. Status: Unable to reconstitute the Empire as the Electorate is dissolved, and only the Emperor or a candidate of the Imperium can recall it.
  3. The Commander of the Eastern Marches (Archduke of Austria): The first among the Dukes of the Empire, with a status almost equal of the Prince-Electors, and blood relation to Charlemagne and previous Emperors, held by the House of Hapsburg. Status: Able to recall the Electorate and a viable candidate to the Imperium.

Only the Archduke of Austria could at this point restore the Empire legitimately, and because of the history of the Noble House there could not, in my mind, be a better candidate.

Turning to another point, are new dynasties possible? The four requirements for the legitimate Imperium are Election, Coronation by the Pope(not always required), Blood relation to a previous Emperor, and Nobility.

The objection might be raised, “Why not just create new nobility?” The response to this is that any new nobility are created by the Emperor which brings up the question, “How were the first Nobility created?”

The first Nobility were created by virtue of their office in the Roman Empire or their loyalty on the field of battle. Even the fundamentally Catholic Medieval civilization was built on the foundations of Imperial Rome, one could almost call it transubstantiation.


The Hapsburgs do have claim to the blood of Charlemagne and noble birth, but also to something unique in history. The Noble House of Austria has received a Eucharistic Blessing and a Promise, and we cannot cast aside this Holy Pledge as if it were a scrap of paper, to be discarded when we have no further use of it.

The solution to our modern problem is not the reincarnation of the Old Empire. Reincarnation never was a valid solution to death. Was Christ reincarnated and born in another body when he was placed in the tomb? No, nothing less then a Resurrection and a Restoration is an option.

That being said, now is the time for new Nobility to rise up and support the restoration of the Emperor. Not replacing the Emperor, but aiding him, even if necessary  in combat, a new knighthood must arise at the sound of the horns of Hawkstower, ready to follow the Red Lion and the Sable Eagle.

The Holy Throne must now be freed
O Catholic folk, pray summons heed
Come haste! Come haste! across the waste!
Your Emperor and King has need!

“O God, who prepared the Roman Empire for the preaching of the Gospel of the eternal King, extend to Thy servant, our Emperor, the armoury of heaven, so that the peace of the churches may remain undisturbed by the storms of war. Through Christ Thy Son our Lord, Who lives and reigns in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.”